10 Mind-Blowing Time Travel Theories

Everyone has regrets, and when something goes wrong in our lives we often wonder what we would do differently if we were able to go back in time. However, what’s really astonishing is that going back in time (as well as going into the future) might actually be possible. Thanks to a number of genius physicists, we now know several theories that show us time travel could be achieved.

Tipler Cylinder

The Tipler cylinder is also called the infinite cylinder and is a system that was first proposed by astronomer Frank Tipler. His theory states that there is a cylinder within spacetime that is around 10 times the mass of the Sun, which is rotating and has an infinite length. If a spaceship were to enter this cylinder, it would be able to go back in time.


This is without a doubt one of the most popular time travel theories in the world, which was even more popularized by the Interstellar movie that was released last year. In layman’s terms, a wormhole is basically a shortcut within the universe. Unlike the Tipler cylinder, a wormhole actually has a beginning and an end. They are also said to be shortcuts to both the past and the future, but since they are very small, only particles are able to go through them.

Speed of Light

This theory suggests that when you manage to reach the speed of light, time will go slower. Basically, if someone was to travel at the speed of light, that person would actually manage to go into the future.

Faster Than the Speed of Light

In accordance with Einstein’s theory of relativity, this theory suggests that if someone was to travel faster than the speed of light, he would be able to go back in time. However, according to Einstein, a voyage like this would require a nearly infinite amount of energy.

Cosmic Strings

Certain cosmologists claim that when the Big Bang happened, a number of ‘cracks’ were created within the universe. These cracks are referred to as cosmic strings, and are thought to be able provide a way for us to experience time travel. Namely, if two strings like this were to ever collide, it would cause a huge configuration in space-time (due to their huge mass), and would create a time loop.

Parallel Universes

The theory of parallel universes suggests that a number of separate realities coexist. People who stand behind this theory believe in something called a multiverse, which is basically a set of infinite or finite possible universes. Being able to access parallel universes would actually make you go back in time or into the future.

Doughnut Vacuum

This theory states that a huge doughnut that has the ability to manipulate gravitational fields could be created. After the vacuum in it is created, the space in between the doughnut’s loop would be able to send anyone back in time.

Black Holes

There are a lot of different theories that revolve around black holes. Although we’re not completely sure what the effect of going into a black hole would be, some scientists suggest that it is actually a natural time machine. Some think that a black hole has the ability to slow down the time around anything that comes close to it. They have such an immense gravitational pull that they would be able to make time travel possible.

Quantum Tunneling

The theory of quantum tunneling suggests that if we were to copy the moments of electrons, we would be able to achieve time travel. It would help us reach a speed greater than the speed of light, which would result in making us go back in time.

The God Particle

Officially known as the Higgs boson, this elementary particle has been confirmed to significantly contribute to the existence of mass. Its discovery proves that traveling at the speed of light is possible. If we were able to somehow turn off the Higgs boson, we would potentially ‘un-mass’ objects, making time travel possible.

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