Top 10 Greatest Conspiracy Theories

There are a number of silly and unbelievable conspiracy theories. Then there are those that completely make sense and might even be true. There’s no denying that the government has control over us and that they can use media in order to feed us lies from time to time. However, this has caused certain people to become too skeptical of everything they hear, so they try connecting dots in order to create a conspiracy theory. We probably won’t ever know if the following 10 conspiracy theories are true, but one thing’s for sure – a huge number of people believe them to be.


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You can use fluoride in order to strengthen your teeth and prevent tooth decay. However, it can also have negative effects on you if you consume it too often. Many people believe that the government puts fluoride in drinking water in order to keep people in a calm submission. In fact, this was actually done by the Nazis in concentration camps during World War II. A well-known chemist named Charles E. Perkins once noted that when a person drinks artificially fluorinated water for a year or more they change both mentally and physically.


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The crashing of a ‘flying saucer’ in Roswell, New Mexico left such an impact on the place that there is an a festival held every year celebrating the crash. This happened in July of 1947, and the conspiracy theory started getting attention after the Roswell Army Air Field noted that they discovered a crashed alien spaceship. However, afterwards, they noted that the crash was actually caused by debris of a weather balloon that was used for a military experiment, in which there were fake alien bodies used as crash test dummies.

Donald Trump is a Plant

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Certain conspiracy theorists are noting that Donald Trump’s candidacy wasn’t ever meant to be successful. It was actually only started in order to provide Hillary Clinton with an easy win by matching her up with an opponent that constantly makes outrageous statements. One of the main reasons why people believe this is because Trump used to be friends with the Clintons and even contributed to Hillary’s campaign back in 2008. Some also believe that Trump started his campaign only to use media in order to increase his power in the business world.

AIDS is a Man-Made Disease

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Although scientists firmly believe that the HIV originated from a strain of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus present in western African monkeys. However, many people still believe that AIDS is a man-made disease. Most think that it was created with the purpose of population control and/or weakening of gay people and racial minority people. Additionally, a lot of people believe that the cure for AIDS exists, but the government won’t admit it or make it available.

Shakespeare Didn’t Write Those Plays

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A popular conspiracy theory is that he never even existed. Some believe this due to the lack of biographical information concerning Shakespeare’s life. In fact, people think that the name William Shakespeare used to be a pen named used by a number of writers.

The Death of Princess Diana

top 10 conspiracy theories 6

Princess Diana became a beloved member of the Royal Family after marrying Prince Charles back in 1981. Unfortunately, their marriage only lasted 15 years. Fast forward an additional year and a half, Diana ended up being killed due to her limousine colliding with a pillar in central Paris. Despite being ruled as an accident, many believe that the Royal Family was behind the death because Diana was with Dodi Al Fayed, the son of an incredibly wealthy Egyptian, and that they didn’t want Diana to marry a Muslim.

NASA Covered Up a UFO Sighting

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In July of this year, there was a live feed from the International Space Station on YouTube. During this live feed, you could see a bright dot looking like it was descending toward our planet. However, as soon as this dot appeared in the field of view, the feed was cut off. This caused a number of people to reach suspiciously, noting that NASA tried to cover up a UFO sighting. A NASA spokesman quickly reacted to the rumors, noting that the International Space Station has seven different cameras that are all timed to cycle automatically and that the time was up for the camera that was connected to the live feed.

The 9/11 Attacks

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Although the previous occurrences have one or two popular conspiracy theories surrounding them, this one has dozens. The most famous one, however, is that the US government knew the attacks were going to happen, but didn’t even try doing anything to stop them. They let it happen just so they could have a reason to invade Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

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The United States of America were both shocked and saddened after the unexpected death of President John F. Kennedy occurred back in 1963. The Warren Commission spent a year investigating the assassination, only to find out that a man named Lee Harvey Oswald was the only man behind it. However, the House of Representative Select Committee on Assassinations later noted that there must have been someone else involved. This is when the conspiracy theories started popping up. People usually say the either the Soviets or CIA orchestrated the assassination.

Vaccinations Make You Sick

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Even thought the majority of people would never prevent their children from getting vaccinated, some people do it because that’s how firmly they believe that vaccinations will make you sicker and weaker. Conspiracy theorists note that although vaccinations may help protect you from a certain disease, it will make your immune system much weaker and leave you exposed to numerous other deadly diseases.

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