Top 10 World’s Biggest EDM Festivals

The EDM (electronic dance music) scene is arguably the most popular in the music business at the moment. People from all over the world love to party and let loose while listening to EDM, because the genre is known for making you feel incredibly good. The main goal of EDM is to share the positivity, and the best place to do such a thing is definitely a music festival. Today, we’ve made a list about the 10 biggest EDM festivals in the world.

10. Outlook Festival

Outlook is a very popular festival held in the European country Croatia. However, most of the organizers of the festival are actually from the United Kingdom. This event is really popular for its boat parties, where people can sail around the Adriatic coastline with the actual performers from the festival. A few years ago, Outlook was known for being a pretty small festival, but ever since 2011, new stages have been added and more popular artists come to perform here every year. The festival is usually held either in August or September.

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