10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Increase Your Happiness

These days it feels almost like a challenge to stay happy, but people still manage. The main reason people are unhappy is because they life a fast life, and are constantly trying to accomplish something in their lives. Our advice is that you should slow down and find a way to relax and be happier, because you only have one life! In case you’re not sure what to do in order to be happier, we have gathered 10 scientifically proven ways to increase happiness.

Sleep More

sleep more

Today, most people live a fast life and want to get so much stuff in one day that they hardly manage to get any sleep. Everybody wants to earn as much money as possible, but the truth is that the money won’t make you as happy as an extra hour of sleep. It is even a proven fact that just by sleeping for an hour longer every night, you would be happier than if you just got a huge raise. Also, by sleeping more, you will be more productive, so you will also have a chance to show that you may deserve some more money for all the work you can do in a day.

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