Top 10 Foods That are Likely to Be GMOs

For big corporations, it’s more important to make money than it is to keep the consumers healthy. Due to this problem, a lot of foods have been genetically modified, and people from all over the world are faced with a new problem – they have to carefully pick out any foods they would like to eat. Many have started buying food directly from local farmers, as they don’t want to expose themselves to the known threats of GMO (genetically modified organisms). In case you’re wondering exactly what foods are more likely to be genetically modified, we have prepared this list for you.


In case you didn’t know, tomatoes were actually the first genetically modified food that was chosen to be sold to the public in the early 1990s. During this time, scientists decided to remove an enzyme (polygalacturonase) that caused this vegetable to rot. However, some major medical studies showed that doing this may have a very bad effect on humans. Namely, nutritionists feared that this kind of tomatoes would cause cancer. Nowadays, a lot of tomatoes are still genetically modified, but they contain polygalacturonase.

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