10 Deepest Rivers in the World

Having a river running through your city is quite a blessing, as it serves many purposes and makes life easier, as well as making it easy to find a nice spot by it where you can go for a morning jog, or an afternoon picnic. Some of these rivers that you are familiar with are surprisingly deep though, and most people are unaware of that. This is why we decided to point out exactly which are the 10 deepest rivers in the world.

#10 – The Mississippi River – 200 ft

mississippi river

Known for being the strongest geologic force in the whole North America, The Mississippi River drains water from 31 different states and two provinces in Canada. It carries over 436 thousand tons of sediment every day, with the average water flow of around 3 miles per hour. The river has a stretch of 2,300 miles, with a maximum depth of 200ft.

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