10 Largest Countries without Railroads

Unfortunately, not all countries have the opportunity to build any type of good roads or functional railroads, due to poverty, low density of the country’s population, or other reasons. Today, we have decided to point out the 10 largest countries (in the world) without railroads.

#10 – Bhutan

bhutan flag

If you were to visit Bhutan until 1961, you would’ve had to either go on a horseback ride or walk. And it would take you six days to get to the Indian border. Nowadays, you don’t have to trouble yourself with walking, but unfortunately, you won’t find any railroads. However, there are 2 airports and 5 thousand miles of roads, along with a construction plan for a railroad. With the area size of a little under 15 thousand square miles, Bhutan takes its place as the 10th largest country without a railroad.

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