10 Most Mysterious People of All Time

Karl Koecher

Karl Koecher was born in 1934, in Bratislava, and was known to be a mole who has managed to penetrate the CIA. He was a part of the Czech intelligence agency when he was 28 years old, but later moved to the United States and eventually earned a doctorate in philosophy from Columbia University. Afterwards, he was hired by the USSR and became a spy, as well as one of the few people who were able to penetrate the CIA. Some think that Karl was actually a double agent and turned against the USSR under influence from the CIA. He was later arrested by the FBI after being accused of being a spy, but was eventually released after the FBI made some mistakes in his case. He later returned to Czechoslovakia, where he was considered a hero, even though little was known about him. A lot of conspiracy theories still revolve around this mysterious man.

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