10 Fascinating Facts about the Great Pyramid of Giza

Everyone has been completely mesmerized by the wonders of the pyramids at one point in our lives. They are simply structures that are out of this world, and can’t be fully understood. What’s even stranger is how people could plan out and realize that very plan in a time when even the wheel hadn’t been invented. Even though many people choose to research into the pyramids, they still don’t know some of the fascinating facts that are hardly ever mentioned. That is why we have decided to point out 10 fascinating facts (you probably didn’t know) about the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Fact #1

great pyramid giza

While most people know, from certain photos or from personal interaction with the structure, that the Great Pyramid of Giza has an enormous number of stone blocks that make it up, it is the weight of these stone blocks that is shocking. The pyramid contains no less than 2.3 million stone blocks that have an average weight of 2 to 30 tons. However, it’s surprising that some of these blocks weigh at more than 50 tons.

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