The 10 Greatest Lost Treasures in the World

The whole world is constantly shifting forwards and backwards, as one part of the population is constantly overwhelmed by progress and the next step in technology, while the other part of the population is more concerned with things in the past. All of these people share one thing in common; they all think that their direction contains all the answers the whole globe is looking for. We may never get some of the answers we are looking for, as they are lost in time. In this article you will find greatest lost treasures in the world, and remember that those are only the ones we know about.

The Copper Scroll


The Copper Scroll is famous for being one of the 981 texts found at an Israelian archaeological site, named Khirbet Qumran. This scroll is part of a collection of scrolls known as the Dead Sea Scrolls and is known for being a big treasure map, as it mentions over 60 locations along with how much gold and silver is hidden in all of them. Apart from the scroll, no other evidence was found confirming the existence of these treasures, and they still aren’t found. Some people believe that Romans already pillaged everything that was hidden.

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