Top 10 Most Impressive Lost Technologies

Even though most of today’s advanced technologies leaves us speechless, we can’t deny that some things that were invented a long time ago were very impressive as well. From an analog computer that was created more than two thousand years ago to flexible glass, some genius inventors are now forgotten (like their inventions). However, old texts show us that there was always a lot of creative people managed to create advanced technology even though they didn’t have the resources we have today, and today we have decided to write a list that proves it.

Damascus Steel

From 1100 to 1700 AD, Damascus steel was known as the incredibly strong metal that was mainly used in the Middle East. People claimed that blades that were forged with Damascus steel were able to slice rocks and even cut other blades in half. This type of steel was mostly used in the forging of swords and knives. The material used for forging the weapons is known to be imported wootz steel from Sri Lanka, but the process of making the swords and knives is what actually made them so unique and strong. Not only that, but it has been noted that the blade forged this way was also extremely flexible.

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