Top 10 Inventions Often Credited to the Wrong People

Originality is a very limited resource, and not many inventors can truly say that they came up with something original during their lifetime. However, certain brilliant minds can invent hundreds of new things while they are alive, and while doing that, they might go uncredited. This is because less original inventors steal ideas just because they can make it more commercially appealing and affordable to the masses; these people only see the money. Nevertheless, true inventors don’t really care if they will get credit and money for what they did. They just want to make the world a better and more practical place to live in. In order for justice to be served, we have compiled a list of great inventors and their work for which they, unfortunately, don’t get any credit.

The Desktop Computer was Invented by Microsoft

Altair 8800

A man by the name of Charles Babbage deserves all credit for imagining and pitching the idea of a personal mechanical computer. With discoveries such as his Difference and Analytical Engines, it is hard not to notice how ahead of his time he was. However, not many people approve that this man invented the first computer, because his invention was mechanical instead of electrical. The first personal electrical computer was made available for purchase in 1975, and was called Altair 8800. This was also the first time the term ‘personal computer’ was coined.

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